For The Sunflowers

Roses are grown to be cut
Confined in a prison of glass
Their beauty, blindly breathtaking
Fleeting in a moment too fast

Given as common as breath
Make up for words left to say
Imprisoned by the givers meaning
Its freedom is taken away

But pass a field of sunflowers
Upturned faces kissed by the sun
Confined only by cloudy skies
Just try to paint what’s been done

Free as breath to the living
Wild as the ocean mid storm
For no one comes to cut them
Nor remembers from where they were born

A rose cannot be a sunflower
Nor a sunflower ever a rose
For one seems to have no purpose
The other, for one purpose, grows

Pass a field of wildflowers
And forget what the rose does
For some purposes are mysteries
And some things beautiful, just because

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Caitlin Kirby.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?


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