For Molly

There’s a special place in Heaven,
A playground full of flowers,
Where little baby girls and boys
Can go and play for hours.
They run along and skip and laugh,
They see their mummy smile,
They see their daddy go to work
They watch them for a while;
They hear each word that mummy says,
They hug you every day,
There’s not a moment passes by
They want you to come and play.
So when you sleep, and as you dream,
You visit such a place,
You lift your beautiful baby girl,
You kiss her on the face.
She will always be with you,
No matter where you are,
Look up at night and say a prayer,
To the brightest, shining star.


Todays best new poem was written by Diane.


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3 thoughts on “For Molly

  1. …through the tears and sadness of a lost soul, I found extreme profound pride in seeing that you wrote on what could have been such a sad thing; and yet, turned it into something more beautiful than all the world and everything in it.. Congratulations!!

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