For Many Years and Forever

From the first time I met you,
I knew you were a really nice person~
Now that I have known you for three years,
I know I can be myself around you without judgement~
I am no longer afraid to come to you,
when I need help or when I am upset~
For all the times you put up with me,
when I was such a pain~
For all the times you listened when,
there was no one else around~
For all the advice you gave me,
when I had no where else to turn~
When I see you behind your desk,
you encourage me to work harder~
Even though you are older than me I,
see you as a friend who I can confied in~
For telling me that everything will be alright,
when I have a bad day at home~
For alll these things and so much more,
these words I give to you~
So I hope I will know you for,
many more years and forever~
My Friend~


Todays best new poem was written by Bluelily.


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