For Many Reasons

For some reason I want to break.
I need to destroy
Love something with a torturous passion.
I need some glass to break
A bridge to fall
I need a bomb.
I need a crash.
I need a scream a cry a
Desperate moment.

I need cops to try so I can
Try harder.

I want Death so that I may see life.
I want crimson lined with silver
Dripping out of Christs wounds,
I need the devil there to spoil the mood.
I need God, but can’t find him.
I need love,
But can’t find her.

I have earthquakes
Trumpets calling all pale horses
And a fire,
Burning with napalm and liquor
And that Greek secret.

I need patience.
I need more Stella Artois
More reasons to throw a chess board in the middle of
A game.

I need honesty
Hate, lies and politicians to continue the latter.
I need some space clammered, packed
Stuffed with sulfur, rocks, steam
And pressure.
I need reason side by side with madness.
I need this, that book, that woman
That craving to be quelled before I get exactly what I want.
I need to shut up.

Todays best new poem was written by Weaver.


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