For Her

She whispered in my ears and she grasped me by the hand
Forthwith I plundered and fell into shadow
But lost upon the folds of Earth
She bade me understand: that hearts are fragile things
But this rare and gentle beauty
Was naught but near perfection
And lost me in a sea of her bright eyes

As delicate as the soul
Whom only one can take
I looked upon my roughened palms and by her hands I’d make
(What made “me” complete)
And I’d hold her close; protect her
From all things that caused her pain

And fight her demons and demises that shook her from the start
To cast them from her precious being
And rebuild her wounded heart
And enable her with kindness; to take me by the arm
For into peace I’d lead her, away from troubled harm
Her heart would never break
Her tears no longer flow
Because for her, I’d give her all I had
For her, I’d try and show: all that she’s been missing

Ever so gently I’d handle her
And ever so often, she’d smile
For in my embrace she’d shelter
In my arms she’d stay
In my eyes she’d smile
And in my touch she’d play

Todays best new poem was written by Shepardess.


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