Fly My Canary..

Fly my canary..
Fly my canary..

message my captive.

conspirancy may damage
ur noble effort.
paradox may change ur mind.

Who can curb the sound of truth?

This garish government?

Rescue us from this burden…
plethora of unsolved issues.
corruption in the name of progress
seems rapacious…

in broad day light.
culprit is laughing..
casefile is waiting for years
to be reopened..

NEVER let this obiquitous voice
diminish in the smog of injustice.
Strengthen the petiole of revolution.

Revering ur attempt,
we are with u.
our voice is with u.

Tricky Govt may entice u.
Be careful..
Be righteous..

crores of innocent lives…
are dying every moment.
Let them die once
a peaceful death,
a meaningful death.

Fly my canary..
Fly my canary..

(Its 4 Social activist Anna Hazare who was struggling against corruption in India,the largest democratic country,country of M.K.Gandhi..Anna was arrested before his protest against corruption,but still he ignited the fire of revolution n succeeded ..)

Todays best new poem was written by Ram


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