I listen to the music as I watch the candle burn.
I wonder how my life has taken such a turn.

I never even knew you, so I don’t know why I’m sad
to see you go.
There are days I think about you, wonder how you’re feeling then I just
pretend I knew you in a song…and download another one.
There are lyrics that tell our story, or maybe how it should have been.
And there’s gossip in the street, I know..I hear it every time I
play a show.

And there you go…
driving down the street, I pass you and pretend that you’re not there.
Noticing the way you light your cigarette, and move as if you haven’t any care.
And here I go..
downloading another song, smoking KOOLs all night long, wondering where things went wrong
and going through the motions of my day. And all the while
knowing I knew a stranger..

Song lyrics blend together, the songs all sound the same.
And there it goes…
the last spark, the last light…
the last flame.

Todays best new poem was written by S.W. Smith.


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