Fighting For Love

As I sit here, ready to fall, fall hard for the one I love
I see how far I’’ve come, how far I’’ll go for the one I love
How far I’’ll go to save our love, so what we have built won’’t be for nothing
Our love has no problems but, our relationship may have some small worries
Loving her is all that is wanted, but for her to be loving me at the same time
I want her all, everything she has to offer, even the one thing sacred and rare to her
I want to give her my all, every last thing to offer, even the one thing I want to give to her, but can never get back once it’’s gone
I am looking to the future, looking to the life we will have together, wondering how our story together will end
Wondering if we will die young or if we will die old
Wondering if we will have a house of our own, a place to call home
Will we have kids, kids running around the house?
Hope is all I have right now, hope and her love is all I need
Her love is all; I’’d fight for that love, if threatened
I’’d fight for her and win or die trying


Todays best new poem was written by CJ.