Field of Dreams

The smell of peppermint is in the atmosphere
So fresh, so cool, this I swear
The stillness is so smooth and fair like an angel’s paradise, a girl’s dream
A place where I may sit under the tree of life and lean
Birds, the colors of my quintessence, sings me a mother’s lullaby
And fly around me away from the awaiting sky
Flowers, a fragrance so childish and sweet, cuddles next to me
Keeping me warm through the white night
The spicy peppermint breeze tickles my skin
And plays in my hair with grace
To be loved just seems like such a race
But at least when the finish line is behind me
Then I may lay in your arms
With the intention to relax in your embrace
The beating of your heart hums to me
As it starts to move me like a paintbrush on a canvas
I rise swaying my hips to the beat
With my arms raised closing my eyes
As I think of your voice telling me to love again
The lunar moon looks upon me with its warm night light
And my skin begins to glisten in its brilliance
My eyes open and sparkle with unshed tears in the light
Because of this, you are on my damaged heart
My breath grows heavy and long and my body hot
I understand now as you tell me everything is going to be alright
And that you’ll never let me go
I believe you and your spirit
I want to keep dancing my love for you
Your love is so pure as it washes me clean of hurt
I want to be yours forever and you forever mine
I want us to kiss like it is always for the last time


Todays best new poem was written by Akira Tye.


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