Pounding and breaking in my chest,
this crested wave of pride and pain.
All becomes humbled upon the path of despair,
yet I linger, enticing another lesson of loss.

Are they victorious in my fear?
Do they laugh as I tremble in disgust?
When I cry out to be done?
When all is lost and I hail none as loved?

The beginnings, laid long ago,
searing scars of sharp reprimands,
these burn memories of the deep,
of knowing never to surface,
but meant to stir the tides of change.

I am fallen from grace.
I have known angels who weep and gods that scorn,
multitudes that cower and waifs that stand tall.

In the end, we are all forsaken
but for the grace of a path unknown.
Under a spell, relieved to be free,
yet enslaved to the desolate life
of all things dear.

Remember me as one of strength.
Remember me as one who yields in faith.
Remember me in your hearts,
for you will never know my face.
Embrace me as I hold destiny,
and pray that I do not falter.

My steps shall linger upon the tides
that carry all good men to weakness.
I shall not fail at the river, kindred.
But stand obediant to stone, I must.

All is not lost to those that seek.
“The meek shall inherit the Earth”
and all things enticed shall be destroyed

Todays best new poem was written by Brittany Cuny.


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