Falling Further, Faster Fire

since my mother, the flesh does suffer
the flames weren’t strange; Hell was my brother
i lept toward this other, abandoned my Father
and fell, awaiting a boiling chamber of danger
crying sorries to He, too long, gone, memory
a missle whistled through eternity
how light He was; heart full of love, all for me
i found the sin inside my skin and tore myself free
screaming Satan, Satan; I am not yours
there’s a stench of the fire of the one’s you’ve lured
burnt, that you promised to cure, i the fool
a fool you used, a tool that had no use
no use with you; you are empty, full with nothing
i became you, believed your bluffing
i choked and drowned in the ground of Hell
but my Father returned, saving me from myself
Heaven is He, the light of day
only the dead would think to stray away
now i shudder with thunder at the thought
of what was and was not


Todays best new poem was written by Jordan Cosby.


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