Leaves cracking in the road with the music of the fall
Patting down the river into the fog of the night
The darkness awake with the smile of the sound into a rest
Dancing around in their grave yard singing the melody of death
Colors, bones , and flesh dripping down the ground
Raising a feast with the wolf screaming life

Looking back there was no path of life
Listening the trees moving by the rhythm of the fall
The enchantress raising the curse to the ground
The mist walking alone with her feet along with the night
Feeling the beating heart whispering to the death
The black tree calls the shadow for her rest

The angel confused put her halo down for rest
Giving up her dreams, and of pureness life
Reincarnating her spirit of symbols the dark death
Whispering sorrow of the wind in the fall
Down comes the rain splashing tears of the night
Descending the freezing cold and dust arousing from the ground

Crossing the river a big rock crawling on the ground
Cracking together with the water scream rest
My eyes look at the moon the lights of the night
I supplicated to the spirits strength of my life
Giving my soul to the dark during the fall
The wind singing in my ear the sound of death

Spinning around the dance of the lost death
The curse screaming from the ground
The melody touching the colors fading in the fall
The path closing the mystery and rest
The sharp blade opening the flesh of a life
Offering the red sacrifice of the silence night

Talking, yelling , gathering the spell of the night
The wolf singing the melody in the mist of death
The rebirth of a new soul bringing is back to life
Calling the dusk spinning around the wind in the ground
Placing the river running in silence rest
My spirit was lost rising my glass full of blood in the fall.


Todays best new poem was written by Erlinda Mena Lopez.