Excuse My Love

I’ve Got writers block on this one
So excuse my absent mind…
I’ve been in the daze for some time
Like my seat during school time
Cause life is too broke
And I’m steady catching up with mine
He said he liked what I was about
My unusual laugh
How my smile brought my dimples out
I told him I viewed the world different
And people were too busy imitating somebody else’s living
Too many of my exes failed just sorting out my pieces
Promised to figure me out because their feelings gave them every reason
By the way you’re nodding your head I can tell you feel me
But excuse myself…
I have a cold heart throughout all four seasons
But this fall I’m coming down with something else
In my mind, it feels like I cant mind read no more
I keep a couple secrets balled into my hand
So when people decide to leave they wont remember the real me
But I accidentally let my hand go as we were speaking
So Excuse the way I’m feeling…
These conversations connect like cob webs on a ceiling
Because my mind is missing
But he loves that
& I don’t like to kiss but every night I look forward to that
If it wasn’t me, my love is what you got to know
One year around the globe, you helped my heart unfold

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Nadae.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?