Escape From A Prosaic World

Mother sits in front of me
Her lips moving nonstop
Giving me another didactic lecture
I let myself fall.

As the golden sun comes out of hibernation
My vision comes to life
Everything that I have coveted
I see before my eyes.

Feeling so alive,
I run into the field.
The breeze ruffles my dress,
As I twirl in mystic air.

The birds sing a paean
Trees dance along
To the ambivalent tune
Of this peculiar song.

Then, I see a crystal ball
With me, mother, and father
Reminding me what life used to be
When we were together.

Every plant, every animal, every living thing,
Is working cohesively
And I think
Why can’t we do the same?

All of this arouses
A feeling of nostalgia
Making me wish
I could stay here forever.

A multihued butterfly
Sits on my hand,
I yearn its quality
To be free, to fly, to be able to touch the sky.

I am too afraid to blink
For it may all evanesce,
But it all vanishes
When a soccer ball hits my head.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Maryam Sekhery.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?