Elemental Dreams

Follow your dreams with hearts desire,
and desire with heart to yet dream!
The dream enraged blazing like wildfire,
the inferno rages but still unseen!
The ice is chilled as only frozen water,
melts away from the blazing heat!
Thawing thoughts as it grows hotter,
inside and out will slowly meet!
A dreams reality yet still unknown,
without chase will drift away!
If the reality of a dream is shown,
to live it assures it will stay!
Spread by air in the form of wind,
sometimes it may just blow!
But if it draws near the fires end,
embers fly and it will grow!
Bound on soil that makes the floor,
that reaches far up to a peak!
A dream can come in many forms,
it’s elemental in dreams we seek!


Todays best new poem was written by Jaime Earnest.


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