Electric Fluid

Electric fluid runs through my veins and rhythm is my soul,

In composition, I’’m at my best and when I feel most whole.

My timeless and magical verbosity is a wondrous sight to behold,

If the right hands grasp my strings a fluidic rhythm will unfold.

Not unlike my acoustic friends, I have many chords to pluck,

With all the different riffs and bends, we’’ll never leave you stuck.

My neck is long and slender, my body arched and sleek,

While mixing up the tempo, you can hear my spirit speak.

Even while I’’m static, I exude a torrent of alluring joy,

And when allied with my amp, you’’ll realize I’’m no toy.

Electric is what they call me but I’’m more than that you see,

I surge to life while submerged in a liquefied electric sea.


Todays best new poem was written by David Phillips.


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One thought on “Electric Fluid

  1. Like the rhythm and flow of your poem it sweeps you and leaves you smiling when done. Great work

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