From dust I have risen
To dust I will return
Prodigal child of fragile man
In the light I seek understanding, crave meaning, desire absolute sensation
From the dark I cower, fitful sleep to often disturbed by the abysses mewing souls
Spring’s promise brings blessed relief
Delicate buds break free from winter’s soporific embrace
Colour serenades dismal silhouettes …… unfurling their majesty….. enchanting dreariness… painting the world before my hungry eyes
Life‘s eternal wheel turns
Death gives way to new beginnings
Desolation metamorphous into abundance
Children’s voices fill the air with their innocent promise
Birds return to frolic with the flora and fauna
Phantasms of the past dissipate as the sun warms my chilled skin
Gentle soothing kisses which heal long suppurating harms
Butterfly woman no more…. Long since has her untimely demise been lamented
Ravenous lioness too soon pacified
Warrior hewn in the battle field of life
Yet I remain… perfect in my multifaceted imperfections
Restoration of self has begun
Slowly and arduously I reconstruct the fragments of me
Kaleidoscope of my former self I may become …. But unique and wondrous will be its countenance

Todays best new poem was written by Audrey Williams.


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7 thoughts on “Dust

  1. Love this Aud, quite elegant and beautiful. It has a wonderfully classic tone and feel to it.


    • Wonderful poem. Shows the writer slowly beginning to recreate herself like an emetging chrysalis

    • thank you – I am always very humbled by such generous feeback.
      kind regards


  2. A lovely poem showing that the author, like an emerging chrysalis, is beginning to recreate herself after a period of loss of self .She shows the strength of man/woman in overcoming all the hardships and trials placed before us

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