Dust II

You’ve left now, you see,
Left reality,
Now you exist in between

You’re outside the in
Where dreams must begin
Where nothing can truly be seen

Time is not real
Life is surreal
But really, here “real” can’t exist

There is no tomorrow
No joy and no sorrow
Please, try to feel, I insist

I hope that you find
What you left behind
(You should’ve enjoyed what you had)

Oh great, now you know,
There’s no where to go
(Your life really wasn’t that bad)

I know you believe
That now you must leave
You have to, you need to, you must,

But though you endeavor
You’ll be here forever
Where everything’s nothing, you’re dust.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Nate.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?