The room is filled
with folks that surround her,
in hushed voices;
as she lies in a total oblivion
of all her around…
Her form ,
Which for us ,
Was filled with a life ,
We had known, till yesterday;
Has suddenly
Become still….
No cries, no sounds,
no whisper…
Will move her now…
A stillness , complete , in itself ,
had taken over …
Yet, which, so serenely sad, on her face…
As if she had willfully embraced
A Peace not known to us
in her own, solitary abode…
From which, she would never want
To return back to us….
A lamp flickers
Near the face;
and the fragrance of the fumes
fill the air…
It is dusk now;
the women gathered
start singing prayers
in sad melancholy;
And tears start filling the eyes….
Never to fill the space
she left in the house…..

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Rajesh U.K


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


14 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. I can understand your reaction on unpredictable changes in a person, you loved. Good Job!

  2. This poem “Dusk” touched my heart deeply. It capture beautifully the sadness and emptiness which fills our heart and soul when someone close to us leaves us forever.

    Really thoughtful and sensitive writing by Rajesh U.K.

    Keep Writing!

  3. This poem really paints a picture in front of our eyes which is very poignant.

    It very beautifully expresses the sadness we feel when a loved one leaves this world.


  4. Really meaningful poem, with simple words expresses the loneliness.
    Keep on writing many more meaningful poems for us to read. All the very best Rajesh…….

  5. Poem Dusk ,
    The poem is a spontaneous expression of feelings coming forth from the heart of a bereaved. . The words are simple and diction lucid, but they leave a standing impression in the mind of a reader who has braved a similar loss – which every one has to face sooner or later in life..
    A poem which reveals the story of life.

  6. It is an excellent piece. Very penetrating, creative. I just love it.
    nanua singh, ph.d.

  7. The silence, loneliness,void,desolation that one feels after a bereavement is captured poignantly.The title sets the mood- of ,quietening down,silence, prayer,melancholy.The world of difference that bereavement ushers with sudden irrevocable certainty is felt and revealed incrementally line after line through images the poet presents.
    An incident all can relate to holds centre stage;yet the sense of personal loss is conveyed with restraint and ease. The simplicity of diction, sincerity of emotions,spontaneity of expression together depict a profound truth of life-the certainty of death- and how we grasp it.
    An excellent poem as evocative as The Night Of the Scorpion.

  8. The poem captures the beauty of life and death. Its so touching and so vivid. It takes me to the scene described and you could almost experience the feeling of being there. Very well written. Beautiful. Touching . Undoubtedly the best.

  9. I am truly thankful to all who read , identified with my poem and gave their deepest , sincere comments…
    Thanking you all so much, once again , dears,

    Rajesh U.K

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