Don’t Let Me Pass

Just stopping by
Just passing through
Staying long enough
To love you
Too little time
Too great a goal
Just turn your head
And let me know
If you’ve got time
To love me too
And if you don’t
I’ll pass on through.

I’ll try to leave
And not look back
Move straight ahead
And give no slack
My pace is fast
Companions few
I only wish
That I had you
But I see God
He’s at the end
Walks with me too
My truest friend.

But I’ll stop by
Just long enough
If I know you
Return my love
Just slow me down
Don’t let me pass
Our lives are short
And time won’t last
If you love me now
If your love will last
Please slow me down
Don’t let me pass.


Todays best new poem was written by Marya Frank.


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One thought on “Don’t Let Me Pass

  1. I wouldn’t let Marya’s poem pass without a comment. We do need to slow the people we love n tell them they do matter, just so much!

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