Delusional American Voters

Who will be the next puppet?
Everyone wants to know..
How will they help us all
make the economy grow?

Will they raise or lower taxes?
Will they audit the Fed?
Will they let the corporations
keep putting GMO’s in our bread?

How will they make us safe?
What can they give us for free?
The delusions are running wild..
Why don’t these people see?

They must rufuse to pay high taxes!
They must let the government know
that they won’t tolerate tyranny
and, the corrupt politicians must go!

They must demand the Fed to be audited!
They must not back down!
They must stop buying the poisoned bread
when they go to the store in town!

Nothing in this world is free.
They will all have to get their own!
They will have to work hard
and forget about government loans!

No puppet can ever make them safer
than they can theirselves..
If need be, they can get guns
and keep extra bullets on the shelves!

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Common Sense Fanatic.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2016?


One thought on “Delusional American Voters

  1. In these days with extremely excited voters about the future president no one knows who and how will lead us to our dreams.

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