Deep Forest Green

When at night she sleeps, there in dreams she keeps,
The visions of deep forest green.
Ah, and there the pinewood trees in the summer breeze
Everlastingly remain pristine.
Her mind wanders for hours amid the wondrous flowers
That carpet the fragrant d├ęcor;
O, thus how she yearns, as each day despairingly turns,
To dream of this realm once more!

Her dreams are the tone of this quintessential home
That lies in deep forest green,
For Heaven awaits, where this beauty never abates,
And the crystal waters yet teem.
She has seen the river flow into the valley below
From the mountain majestically high;
O, the lovebirds sing with each coming of spring
Under the blue of a cloudless sky!

Each night does she yearn, for to sleep and return,
To this place of deep forest green,
She wishes to go where the wild winds blow,
Though it is merely a dream.
She hates the grip of the city, for it has no pity,
As it lurks outside of her door;
O, so greatly she yearns, as each day turns,
To dream of Heaven once more!

Todays poetry contest entry was written by R. L. McCallum.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?