Declaration Of Sanity

Let’s recollect what’s been relinquished, rertired and reciprocal
I’m so sick of the sarcastic snickers and cynical sneers
Stuck in between matters of frivelous and principle
I’m on the verge of breaking free, I can hear it, and it’s music to my ears
What’s unfinished is subject to the workings of my hands
And what’s finished is the past and no longer has command
Advertising my adversity to the relics of a time long gone
Taking into account my misleading words and paths I’ve walked on
The forks in the road leaving me with less than favorable options
My choice of direction decided by something similar to an auction
Turning towards what offers me most, the best of the worst
A sigh and smile of momentary relief in other words
Constant judgement rules the rules of engagement
A reign that rains a consistent pattern of displacement
It’s always lovely and brilliant to mend, mask and pretend
Reality tends to bend and offend what our minds recommend
Is it impossible to invest in the inevitable and its often malicious intent
Meeting demands that even defile the derilict that equates your meaning
It’s an impressive feat, it is, for any of us to draw a smile so immense
In the presence of the fake and rehearsed majority that’s perpetually gleeming
Detrimental mental recollection, upon closer inspection, had a number of imperfections
Witnessing resurection and corrupt connections following the images of my insurrections
Yet to figure out my calling, no direction and war wounds
This battle of time and I, I’ve been reassured I’ll lose
A tremendous line of lies among the riot and ride known as life
All values are often lost during our strikes and internal strife


Todays best new poem was written by Chris Holton.


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3 thoughts on “Declaration Of Sanity

  1. The diction is incredible. I love the part where the rhyming and flow really picks up:
    “It’s always lovely and brilliant to mend, mask and pretend
    Reality tends to bend and offend what our minds recommend”
    …an ingenious way to illustrate reality’s “bending” of our own perceptions because the reader almost gets tongue-tied when reading it…. just like our minds become perplexed when we’re awoken with reality.
    I love this poem.

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