Deaths Arctic Touch

Death’s cold hand must touch us all, when our time is at its end

The love we share, will help prepare us for that time my friend.

The warmth we feel, when love is shared will keep us feeling sane

When the devil’s snare, entraps us where there lingers so much pain.

Deaths arctic touch, graces us much where Satan’s hordes abound

The endless hole, deep in your soul where pleasure and hate are found.

Though love and joy, we do employ when asked of what we feel

Anger, distrust and treating others unjust is how we seal the deal.

We want to think when on the brink of Love and Hatred’s edge

We’d lend a hand to our fellow man and not push them from the ledge.

If death or life, happiness or strife, were choices placed in our hands,

Of course we would, do what is good or are darker deeds our plans?

We’d make sure all, would never fall, or falter from now on

Or maybe we, would allow he, to crumble into the dawn?

Decide each day, predator or prey? Which one will you be?

I pray for you, if prey you choose, but predator’s for me!

Death for myself or someone else? Is this the question asked?

Then you must die, a sweet bye bye when I’m put to the task.

We all stand tall, and show love for all, when asked of going home

But death cares not, whose in the plot, when it’s time to place the stone

Enter every day, without dismay, or thought of IF you’ll die

No second chance, or “one last dance”, may be had for you and I

Treat every hour, as a wilting flower, its essence to inhale

In a fight with death, for one more breath, we never will prevail.

Todays best new poem was written by Jamel Pennington.


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One thought on “Deaths Arctic Touch

  1. This is one of the best poems I have ever read! The rhythm in this poem is amazing, it makes the poem a pleasure to read! I have never seen this rhyming pattern in modern poetry, maybe Poe may have used it but none since with such flair. I think this is the winner hands down without having to read many others, THIS……..IS………ART!!!!!

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