Dearest Dears – Resting In The Final Abode

Dearest dears, you have gone, gone very far away,

No one knows, no one can hear what I wish to say.

All feelings of love for you, in my heart will stay,

Being alone with no one to hear, I shall only pray.

Life’’s a tough game for all of us but I must play,

Running away is bad, I’’ll be the last one to betray.

Seeking help from God Almighty is the only key,

I wish to take a good start with a heart full of glee.

Hard work pays, like light emitting brilliant rays,

Do more and more of good, my solitary heart says.

I want to spread the maximum good to everyone here,

I wish the whole reward goes to my dear ones there.


Todays best new poem was written by Alvi.


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