As the days’ bed of arrows
Barely breed, the daytime
Detaining to the sleepless sleeps
Dark seems a fascinating wish

The dark of the dusk
Whilst, you went apart

As a somnambulist
My solitude,
conquer the boughs
In search of the dark’s nest
In the pate of the tree

Up in the sky,
Moon, the cheerful lover
Amid his beloved clouds

Smile on the searching eyes
Among the surfing clouds

Yet another dawn of a day
The sky, as a sea
Devoid of waves

On the branchless trees
The blossom of stars with open eyes
Glitter with the pace of the merry clouds

The land too alike the sky
In between the two skies
I, as a yacht forlorn wind…
As a trackless needle…

Which lamp might entice me
ogling its eye of dark?
Which eclipse might forsake me
in the land of dark?

Todays best new poem was written by Rajesh Chithira


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