Darkness Before Dawn

Just like the sun rises from the blanket of clouds running across the skies,
The human era will have its dawn ,after oozes of blood

Lying on the parapet of destiny
Will vanish into the thinness of hope.

Dawn will come and so will the resultant Bambooza,
Like the twist and turns of dancing girls,

Reminding us of Mohenjo-Daro times when dawn meant the time of festivities.

Just as the skies, get trapped with unwanted surface of endless burnouts

And universe reminding of unending, infinite black holes

Light too will dissipate to give us arrow, and

Jet of goodness as humanity pervades all times.

Life is unending game of snooker and has its own darkness,
God is the father of all ,and he throws at us options like, that of

Endless soccer ball which flies in the air only to caught by one of the eleven players.

Darkness before dawn is testing time but times do change,
And the time today is the purified version of time of yester-years.
Life’s battle haunts and as player is dead the new one arises, form its ashes

Suggesting continuity and calmness of creation of universe.
Darkness before dawn is never ending phenomenon which we shall be glad

To witness from the carcass of last forgotten times.


Todays best new poem was written by Rash.