Dancing In The Rain

Those nights, when she’d stay up
To search for another reason
To explain her position,
No time for religion
Because no God could help her,
Mundane, every morning
So empty, but it covered the truth
So beautiful but broken
And if only for a moment
She remembers a time that she believed
When she went dancing in the rain
Something, sparked a question
But she denied, what life could be
Change is her enemy
More’s what she will never be
But soon that doubt was fading out to hope
And she, paces within her heart
Waiting for, the pieces to fall apart
So trapped but resisting
As faith was persisting
To reach out and hold her and if only for a moment
When she went dancing in the rain
And then she heard a voice inside
Raised her hands as heaven cried
All the angels sang
As another child came
Into the light
The thunder didn’t scare her
Matched the rhythm of her heart
May have skipped a beat or two
What a perfect place to start
Lightning flashed into her eyes
Memories of love came in
She saw the beauty of it all
This is where it would begin
It took away all her pain
It washed away all her shame
Her ferocious soul was laid tame
When she went dancing in the rain

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Colin Overhiser.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?