“Damaged Goods”

in all the times that i’ve been lost,
(considering the time & the cost)
I wonder if the future holds
the wonder of the past…
Righteousness has slipped away
the joy I felt with every single day,
It’s all been so complicated;
and there is so much left to do.
It’s never really good, you see
The innocence that used to be
the only thing that was real for me is lost
and the thought of it sickens me, still…
..Reminds me of a spirit free,
Running through me like the brightest thing,
& left to the wayside, it’s dark & cold inside.
..makes me want to run and hide…
The offender shot himself in the head
& it’s sad to say “I’m glad he’s dead”
Left a trace of guilt through my whole life,
and my spirit, bold, it holds on tight to see
that through the thick & through the thin,
those thoughts are gone, and I have mine again
Feeling dirty now I turn away,
and try to find my peaceful place…

This poem is for the EVIL one who damaged my soul
who is gone now and can do no more harm…

Todays best new poem was written by Barbarann.


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