Dad Hang On To Your Pearly Whites

Dad next time you have a skinful
Hear’s a little tip
Pop in to the chemist
And buy some polly grip.

Last night you was funny
But I couldn’t quite understand
Why every five minutes
Your teeth were in your hand.

I think they need adjusting
Because these days you’re quite thin
And overall through the evening
They spent more time out than in.

I know you’re proud of them
And we all think they’re great
But without you’re pearly whites
You do look older mate.

Some people found it hilarious
Others looked down their noses
You could start a boy band
And call it gums and roses.

I know you couldn’t resist it
And was only having fun
But their was a serious side
They could have bitten someone.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday bash
And I know those teeth are dear
But if I see them out again
They just might disappear.

And if you don’t heed my warning
I know what to do
Come round when you’re sleeping
And fix them in with super glue

Pop I’m still so very proud
You know how much I care
But I prefer you with gnashers
I don’t like the gummy bear.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Tracey Bellamy.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?


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