From day one there was one thing for sure
Having Crystal in my life I was a lucky little girl
When our story started all those years ago
I was right about the age of six or so
Life happened and she had to go away
There were so many reasons she could not stay
I used to pray my dad would give her a ring
If she became my step-mother I wouldn’t ask for another thing
But grown up problems were just too much to understand
God took her away and changed my entire plan
Days would eventually turn into sixteen years later
But not a minute would go by that I wouldn’t think of her
The computer would be how I would find her again
Although she didn’t become my mom she quickly became my best friend
The first time I saw her again after all those years
I left that place eyes full of happy tears
She was just as sweet and kind as I always knew her to be
I was no longer six now I was twenty three
But she saw standing in front of her that same little girl from before
I loved her so much back then but today I love her so much more
I am thankful and blessed that God allowed her to come back to me
Things are so much better than I imagined they could be
Thank you lord in Heaven above
For sending me your best angel to love


Todays poetry contest entry was written by E.Weatherman.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?


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