Crying Out To My Reflection

Deceit, dishonesty, frigidness, and power.
As the reflection of society rapes the minds of the young and gullible,
Destruction and chaos is left to obscure the structure of what is thought to be right.
Deception, degrading, manipulation, and pain.
As the mirror reflect the stress and anxiety of a crushed young girl,
Anger and darkness engulfs her mind,
Filling her soul with lies and hatred
As a life threatening disease.
These lies are the devious serpents which slithers within the deepest part of her body,
Injecting nonsense and ignorance as it consumes every aspect of sense and intelligence.

Her mind crushed
Body throbbed with fractures to the bone.
The mirror screaming aloud,
“Get back the life you never had, don’t let society trap you under the claws of its clutches.”
She stares, thinking.
“How should I stop society from shaping me if society has already created me?”She cries,
Weeping, weeping, wondering why…
It all seems too real to be true,
“How can I be apart from everyone when everyone became a part of who I am?”

The pain of not knowing,
Throws her off balance.
She falls!
Her reflection disappears,
Leaving nothing but the conceptualization of worthlessness.
As she bleeds out insanity within,
Her soul slowly dies out as the reflection in the mirror disintegrates.
The mirror then breaks!


Todays best new poem was written by Winny.


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