I’m finding it hard to breath
it’s all so suffocating
I need a way to relieve
this awful anticipating

Of waiting to be whole
and at peace just one more time
I search inside my soul
to unearth the sublime

In the darkness I am blind
crawling, reaching, needing air
This prison is so unkind
it reeks of anguish and despair

I have to battle this merciless master
and break these chains that bind so tight
To let him win would be disaster
I have no intention of losing this fight

At what point did I lose my way
and find myself in this submission
When it occurred I cannot say
but it was without my permission

And then I realize ever so clearly
that I alone possess the key
to unlock this cage that incarcerates me
and finally let myself be free

I observe my reflection in the unyielding steel
and see a tattered, weary slave
I yearn for the time when I used to feel
strong and fearless and brave

I feel the hope rising deep in my core
and remember the joys that I have known
To feel the sun on my face once more
I summon the courage to find my way home


Todays best new poem was written by Janey Scaturro.


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