Congratulations, We Own You

It starts as soon as your born
You’re hopeless
Dripping in blood and slathered in tears like you slather ribs in barbeque sauce
You are born a piece of meat and we all end up just a side dish
As soon as the doctors feasted their eyes on you it was decided
Male or female
“Oh, congratulations! You have a beautiful baby girl!”
From then on, you are part of the system
The binary grabs you by the throat through the hands of your parents, in the form of dresses, bibs that say Daddy’s little girl and the color pink as far as the eye can see
Coupled with an equally oppressive name so the rest of the world can feel free to judge you as they please
Calling you miss and expecting you to accept it, don’t argue with the expectations
They’ve owned your body since the first breath you ever took, the first tears you cried
They’ve owned you.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Corrina Fernandez.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?