Confessions Of Ugliness

I wasn’t created by nature,still found in everything,
The beauty of the exterior I hide within
Masked with countless efforts,I give them all a shriek,
Whipping me out of their faces,with a sigh of relief
I change color , I change physique,
Doesn’t change a thing about me,I still don’t know what they seek
I’m ugly, not pleasant to look at I accept,
Disappointing to know that is all they perceive?
Drowning in the sea of ignorance,why can’t they find,
Invented telescopes but can’t see the ugliness of their minds?
I hate to admit, I’m happy with them unable to discover,
The layers of ugliness I carry beyond just a physical cover
The lust of the soul the greed of the heart,
Are my real possessions not a face with a wart,
Life savings spent on removing my innocent step brother called fat,
Surgeries stretching the face so all of that looks taut
Painting faces decorating ones self like a shrine,
So vulnerable they leave the real evil behind
It grows, slithers,reaching enormous levels of filth,
Yet the poor man musters it up wit a yard of silk
I can never be “fixed ” wit lasers and pins,
Not going to get rid of me if they get thin
Can’t cover me up wit a beautiful attire,
I’d dwell in their hearts wit their selfish desires,
I would force them to be mean, I would make them weep,
Blinded I will turn them so they only think I’m one layer deep
Evil I will be, jealousy I will keep
Destroying their relationships,ill make everything so frail
I admit I’m evil, but its time for them to take some blame


Todays best new poem was written by Mary.


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