College Girl

Waking up Rise and Shine

Ready to work dont have much time

The sun constantly shines

The night turns into light

Im getting ready to learn a new chapter

Preparing for a new life

Ive waited too long and now it’s here

The world awaits me for I am the future

I worked days and nights to get this far

There’s no turning back

I want to be all I can be

I want to see all I can see

I want to be the voice of the next future

I want to guide the next generation

I dream of educating the hungry

I inspire to be a succes story

I know how long it will take

I know what my future looks like

I can see a bright life ahead

My nights have officially turned into days

I go and out of classrooms

Being fed the knowledge of success

I hope the way Ive been fed I can feed the same knowledge

Todays best new poem was written by Alexis Taylor.


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