Into The Eyes Of An Old Soul

I look upon the face of the wise
Ones who have walked this earth much longer than I
Where most people see the smiles, love, and peace
I see… pain, sorrow, and regret that will never cease
They know the clock is coming to an end
But all they wish is to go back where it all begins
Back to when they could fall asleep without a worry
Back to when they weren’t in a fury
With the ones they held so dearly
Oh now how things are seen so clearly
Through the eyes of the old and weary
Bridges have burned and hearts have shattered…
They wish at least to be able to give their loved ones
A kiss on the cheek before their time stops running
So they wait, with hope that one day
They will get a visit or a call
Finally, a way to right all of their wrongs
But that day they’ll never see because it never comes
The ones they love have now moved on
To weak and exhausted to even cry
They silently die
Never being able to say any good-bye
Their loved ones now wish they would have come and said hi
At the funeral service they mention
How at peace the old soul was before the last hour
They shower the elderly with great words of love
But they didn’t know how hurt this ancient one really was
So soon they move on, just as before
But the past one’s sorrow is sadly still as before
Only now….buried with them, forever more

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Braxton Biehl


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?