Mom, you disappeared forever
You are no longer here
But since I know you’re up in heaven
I never shed a tear.
Cause you’re watching me
And God’s watching you
Both are looking down on me
Helping me through
Hard times and rough day’s
When I’ve given it my all
I know that you are there
To catch me if I fall.
Here with me in spirit
Always in my heart
Sorry I never got to tell you
You were God’s most precious work of art..
Time after time I prayed
You’d come back to me
But God said don’t worry
I’ll be with you eventually.
I am so excited
Càn’t wait for the day to come
When half a mother and half a daughter
Become one.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Jesse.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2016?