Can You Hear Me Now

I sit and stare into thin air
I look into the mirror
and can’t find me anywhere

All the youth has faded
the glory days I’ve wasted
on cheap lies and wine

Awe, baby can you hear me
can you see me in a crowd?
can you remember the days
when you felt so proud?

I can hold my hand out
but I can’t hold back the tears
sitting in the darkness
where I can face my fears

I can still hear the child
that lingers on inside
a song bellows in my head
as I begin to fly

All the things I could ever do
because my eyes were blind

Who was in the real me?
the one I lost in time

How many days can you live on a prayer
knowing that God has just left you there

Having found faith in a bottle and a pill
life has become an endless hill
I try to reflect on that child inside
try to remember the day that I died

I look to the sky, to the stars up above
then I remembered my mothers love
I wonder if she sees me or can hear my cries
I just wanted to be the apple of her eye

Someone to look up to
another face in the crowd
I wonder if she hears me
I wonder if she’s proud.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Ruthann Richter.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?