Blurred Lines

I was there so many times,
I thought I saw but I was blind.
With the curtains closed inside my mind,
Blurred lines were all that I could find.

Having a new chance to learn,
Has given a new page to turn.
Words dancing there have crossed my eyes,
Turning clarity to more blurred lines.

You changed your moods and you re-aligned,
Inside your heart, no love could shine.
Hypocrisy was easily defined,
By tattered thoughts and your blurred lines.

The tears that fell and wet the cheeks,
Signified an instance of defeat.
Between the lies and the deceit,
Blurred lines were all that we could speak.

These blurred lines were meant to cross,
Giving peace of mind to memories lost.
Tomorrow shows a different view,
No more blurred lines and no more you.

Todays best new poem was written by JRH.


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