Blue Light

last night i saw it again
that blue light
emanating from his skin
his skin
his strong, black back in pearlesque skin
his blackness

my blackness

what is it about his skin that makes me forget
the arguments and qualms
the point I was trying to make
the lingering lack of resolution?

what is it about his onyx skin that takes my memory
and imports thoughts of his sweetness
his heart, his love, his touch
like the matrix?

his light shines

it’s like the sun, overcast
even when I can’t see it shining, it’s there
when i hate him, it shines
when love/like is a distant memory

his blue-black light shines on me

when he doesn’t know i’m watching and it’s warming me,

it shines

Todays best new poem was written by Angel.


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10 thoughts on “Blue Light

  1. The poem is great, it allows you to see love through the experiences of the poet. The world can always use love.

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