Blue, Blue, Blue

Do you ever think about us?
Blue, blue, blue…
Lovers should never confess to each other.
We talked forever and forever, deepest darkest….
This is a heart that ponders in the dark.
Last night, I was looking for a love song,
I wanted you to know in my dreaming I was thinking of you.
I remember you saying , “you don’t have to go, be careful,
Let me know you are all right.”
I have memories of standing in the surf,
The saltwater burning my skin, the sun shine on the ocean,
We were laughing, playing, and stealing a kiss here and there.
Do you ever wonder what might have happened?
Green, green, green….
Memories are like this, fresh and ready to grow again.
I went to sleep knowing nothing more than I do right now.
I dreamed that I called you, ” I love you, this hurts.”
You said, “be smart.”
I awoke, Knowing I could never be that way, especially about you.

Todays best new poem was written by Ruth Bagley.


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