Blake’s Toys

Down by the road there’s a vast wicked beast

Prison is where he lived but he has just been released

This Beast comes down from awful Bulleen

But he is still a green mean fighting machine

He grew up as a little menace

Destroying poor old Venice

They call him the ‘Thing’

So much more famous than ‘Bing’

Thing goes to school and hates it so much

Except for the oval where it happens to be rough

Thing is always in trouble

Trying to hide in his little bubble.

But all that nonsense is not worth a penny

When you find out about Remy

Thing and Remy aren’t the happiest bunch

Always wanting to throw a punch.

Thing’s nails are as sharp as an axe

He has run out of energy snacks

The children start screaming for more

This looks like another World War

Remy warms up her fists

You can tell there are going to be some twists

As the trees whistle as the wind goes by

Hopefully there will be no death and no one will die

They have never liked each other

They don’t even like their mother

They always fight over whoever is the best

In the middle of the oval, not taking a rest

But is Thing actually there?

Or is this someone’s nightmare

But back to the match of the furious pair

This isn’t any old battle it’s fair

The teacher steps in OH NO it’s a disaster

That only makes them shout and blast

Jump is what they do and………….

And then Mummy says,

“BLAKE STOP playing with your figurines

It’s time for dinner”

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Thomas Burchsmith.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?