Black, White, Yellow, Whatever

Black, white, yellow, whatever
time for us to come together
How else will we survive unless we learn from each
I know I’m not the only one who knows that
we shouldn’t judge one another
The next time you think about the future
think about the youth
and what you want them go see when they look at you
So black, white, yellow, whatever… Its time for us to
come together
We were all made equal
understand that we are all beautiful people
Times have changed and color is nothing but
It should be the spirit and soul of one another that we
should be craving
Pay attention, think about the children
Do you want them to believe that color should keep us
or that we are all brothers and sisters?
So turn to your neighbor and pass on these words
Black, white, yellow, whatever
There’s no way we can make it unless we learn from
each another


Todays best new poem was written by Joshua Green.


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