Bits Of Hope

“while the world was trying to be beautiful…
i’m somewhere being myself.
struggle to glue the torn pages in my life.
I want to speak them out,
but the words scatter like roaches.
it’s maybe the poison in the air getting me high.
I think I’ll bite my nails,
and plant them underground…
promise myself a better me will grow.
dreams fall out of my pockets,
all these bits of hope lead me to the shade.
so I guess I’ll write a poem,
until I have to bury my dead emotions.
slowly my senses expire as I scribble this down.
hasn’t my silence been enough?
I can’t even go to sleep,
There’s a shadow hibernating in my slumber.
sometimes at night I wait for the truth,
to hatch out of the moon…
this protection covers me with solitude.


Todays best new poem was written by Pizza24.


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