Why did I do it? I’m not quite sure,
I never could have guessed, what he had in store,
He did me wrong, against my will,
And left me alone, cold, and still,
But I forgave him, what more could he do?
I thought we’d start over, but for him he was through…

I was fine for a while, independent and free,
I didn’t really see him, and him not me,
But that was Okay, the silence was a song,
But then I found out, I was utterly wrong,
Everyone knew, both young and old,
To every ear the story was told,
I was in shock, with disbelief,
I went on my own, to fight off my grief.

And then when I thought, I had my worst day,
He’d gotten so close, yet so far away,
His friends would snicker and laugh with glee,
But then I found out, they were pointing at me,
How did they know? Could he have spoke?
I couldn’t be mad, then my feelings awoke,
I was so furious, as mad as can be,
I fell for his tricks, but he’s still all I see…


Todays best new poem was written by Claire.


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