Beloved Teachers

A thinking person who uses his brain,
With full of quality with out any strain;
A kind hearted man which was not to be known,
Who keeps high standards which are not to be shown;

A man of ability who teaches every time,
With lots of stability who never says no time;
You taught me the subject in a patient way,
Which made me understand in a life long stay;

He is a one man army, who is tough to beat,
Who takes care of students with an evening treat”
When I was in trouble, you gave me hope,
Like an American road without any slope;

Kind at heart, kind at will,
I have never seen a teacher until;
You taught me the subject in a different way,
Which I won’t forget till my very last day;

You are the one, who brought me back,
I promise to say without any crack;
You are the man, who is a complete teacher,
Which can be understood by any living creature;

A man of confidence with a strong desire,
You will reach your goal with a glowing fire;”

Todays best new poem was written by Sabari Sriram.


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One thought on “Beloved Teachers

  1. A very fine piece of poetry from the heart of Mr.Sabari Sriram .Let this poetry be a tribute ( of regards) to his teachers who shaped him to be one among other English Poets. As I read this poetry I too remember my English teacher who taught me Oliver Goldsmith’s poem ” The Village School Master”. Carry on this noble work Dear Sabari Sriram ! I am sure you are going to be one among other glittering stars in English Literature. May God bless you !

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