Behind The Badge

To those behind the badge, who have paid the ultimate price
To serve and to protect—a tremendous sacrifice
To defend and shield the blameless you presented us your all
The struggle against corruption, you answered every call

To those behind the badge, who committed to its cause
The danger and the perils never gave you the slightest pause
For the risks didn’t measure against the peace left in the wake
Of a battle against wrongdoings, your beliefs didn’t shake

To those behind the badge, for your loyalty we are grateful
Dedication to the mission—more than a job—ever faithful
Whether uniformed or not your ethics remained the same
Ever watchful for corruption, your principles sustained

To those behind the badge with high regard we shall reflect
On your allegiance as peace officer, you have all our respect
Your attitudes, your way of life, your values and your creed
Sustain us to protect and defend and accomplish every deed

To those behind the badge, a noble legacy you leave us
Courage, strength, and bravery a necessity to those who need us
Your valor and heroism we never shall forget
The cost of the tour of duty, you paid the final debt

To those behind the badge, we stand in remembrance this night
A badge worn with privilege of an honorable fight
With respect and admiration your devotion we remember
In our hearts your memory will be a constant burning ember


Todays best new poem was written by Angelfire.


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