You’re love is a flare,shot into the air,
with a love gun,
We stood outside in the night,
as night became daylight.
I stared into your beautiful eyes, as I was mesmerized that the sun had
We’ve watched the sparkles light up the skies,
so bright the flares falling in the night.

A moment to see, a moment to be,
a moment so sweet.
A kiss so gently under the tree you and me,
Twinkling in the night, Sparkling in our hearts blinkling in our eyes
Spreading and shining across the skies.

Floating in our thoughts, a moment never lost.
Drifting into our minds, twinkling into the twilight that love holds,
Falling into our souls,
As the winds blows,
Sparkilng so bright,
Falling midnirht,
I held you in my arms until daylight,
Moonlight over the sea,beautiful moments for you and me,
Drifting from heaven to see,
Being together you and me looking into the skies,
AS passion flows
Our love grows,
Beautiful and colorful’
As the rainbows,
A story told and beauty of the souls that the Lord knows

Todays best new poem was written by Songsof1.


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