Beautiful One

Why do you run from Me beautiful one?

Why are you turning away?

Remember the way that I held you?

In My arms, your heart was safe.

What happened to your world My beautiful one?

Who let darkness creep in to your days?

When did colors you used to see vividly,

Slowly fade into gray?

What happened to your words My beautiful one?

Once eloquent , now painful to say.

When you reach out to touch oh beautiful one,

Like dust, do things vanish away?

Why do you run from Me beautiful one?

All I want is to look at your face.

Life is more than existing, when you rest in My loving embrace.

The sun will shine again, your eyes will be clear.

Your words will flow like the rain.

When you touch you will feel, let your soul be still.

My beautiful one, don’t run away.

Todays best new poem was written by Christa Hawkins.


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